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About us

ROYAL BAY® is one of the brands from the wide range of sports portfolio of ARIES, a.s. We are a Czech family company based in the Giant Mountains that has been operation in the market for more than 20 years. The company runs its own development and production departments, and so we can offer you top-quality products with added value. Thanks to our own development efforts, we are a flexible company that can readily respond to all new trends in the textile industry.

All products by ARIES (including the ROYAL BAY® brand) are produced exclusively in the Czech Republic. ARIES offers: ROYAL BAY®, a sportswear compression brand, MEDICO, medical compression products, and COMFORT, fashion compression hosiery. Check out all our products at

We aim to provide our customers with value-added products. So that we satisfy even the most demanding customers, our stockings and socks always offer something extra for you.