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High-cut Socks ROYAL BAY® Classic

14,- €
Available sizes
Table of sizes
Kompresion strong

Comfy wide hem
The hem doesn´t clutch, but still holds the calf tight enough not to let any dirt fall into the sock.

Ergonomic Fit
Thanks to their special anatomical design, they fit the leg perfectly and enhance the comfort and effectiveness of our products.

Protect Your Achilles Tendon
Projections around the Achilles tendon massage the tendon and surrounding area, protecting the tendon from shoe pressure and rubbing.

Foot Massage & Anti-Shock
Projections reduce shocks and stabilize your feet in your shoes. Thanks to projection channels,heat is drawn away and fresh air let in. Last, but not least, they gently massage the foot all the time.

Products made of microfibre are very pleasant to the touch and better transport moisture.

Moisture Management (DeoSoft)
Special technology makes the microfiber even softer and draws moisture away from the body.

Antibacterial Sanitized® Silver
Silver ions fight bacteria and moulds. They act as a deodorant and reduce unpleasant odor.