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Compression Calf Sleeves ROYAL BAY® Extreme

35,- €
Available sizes
Table of sizes
Komprese strong

Targeted compression
Sleeve is designed so that compression was strongest in the gastrocnemius muscle and sportsmen provide the maximum support. The greatest benefit is the pain of tired muscles.

Safety Reflective Elements
The refl ecti ve tapes located on the outer sides of knee-high socks contribute to your bett er visibility, ensuring greater safety in poor light orweather conditions.

Muscle Shock Absorber
Compression sportswear hugs the calf muscles and significantly reduces the shocks that can damage muscles.

Ergonomic Fit
Thanks to their special anatomical design, they fit the leg perfectly and enhance the comfort and effectiveness of our products.

Covers are made of microfiber in a very fine knitting custody. Drape it is thin and dries quickly, but it is also heavily compressed.

Products made of microfi bre are very soft on the skin and bett er at removing moisture.

Moisture Management (DeoSoft)
Special technology makes the microfiber even softer and draws moisture away from the body.