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Compression shorts ROYAL BAY® Extreme, women´s

90,- €
Available sizes
Available sizes

Other product benefits:

Komprese very strong

Soft waist
The product is designed to support the correct blood flow and prevent pressure sores in the waist area so that users feel comfortable during sports

Safety reflective elements
Reflective elements improve your visibility and therefore your safety at dusk, darkness, or bad weather.

Targeted compression
The products were designed with the strongest compression around the calf/thigh muscle, providing athletes with maximum support. The greatest benefit is reduction of the fatigue.

Anti-Abrasive Protection
The material thickness was specially chosen to protect the inner thighs against scuffing.

Our products are made of microfibre of a very fine structure. As a result, the material is thin and dries quickly, while retaining its strong compression.

Antibacterial Sanitized® Silver
Silver ions on the surface of the fibres remove a number of bacteria and fungi. In fact, they work as a deodorant and prevent unpleasant odours.

Second skin feeling
By using the most advanced materials and technologies, the product perfectly fits the body without being too tight, making athletes feel as if they had "another skin".

High breathability
The highly breathable materials used ensure rapid passage of water vapour through the product, keeping the athlete‘s body dry.

UV 50+
The product is made from materials that provide sun protection. Athletes are protected even at higher altitudes.

4 ways stretchable
The materials used allow its flexibility/extensibility in all four directions. The product thus perfectly fits the body.

LYCRA® Soft Comfort
The use of soft Lycra® allows better adjustment of the compression product to the wearer‘s body. Elastane stretches in all directions, making sure the compression product is never too tight and is comfortable to wear.

It is the application of the elastic Lycra® that gives our products the compression effect.

Products made of microfibre are very soft on the skin and remove moisture better.

Moisture Management (DeoSoft)
Special technology makes the microfiber even softer and draws moisture away from the body.